FOYO Stainless Steel Safety Door Latches, Solid Gate LatchesLock for Pet Gate,Cabinet Furniture, Window, Brushed Finish

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Very sturdy latch and comes with the hardware to install.They are easy to latch and when you open them, the latch positions in a way that makes it unable to accidentally fall down and latch.The latch goes perfectly into the opening and sturdy
Install the little latch on cabinets to add a little protection to your cabinets that hold all your dishes and glassware, and this was a very affordable latch that will do the job nicely. If your cabinets aren't very square any longer, this latch has enough ""play"" in it to handle the fact that one door doesn't quite close totally flush.
Great toddler insurance - Bought these so you could keep your kids in since they are big enough to open doors, but not tall enough to unlatch the door latch. This makes a great addition to kid proofing your house, but it also makes a nice addition to security of your home. If you have kids, this is a good buy when they start opening doors.
This is very easy to install and solid design. The color fits in with all your other hardware and is not noticeable in the location installed it.
Sometimes door and windows will blow open when we get strong wind gusts, and this guard stops the door and windows from opening up, which is great.
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